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SAM Software Solutions Ltd is working in association with Shire Leasing PLC to offer you flexible finance options:

  • Up to 5 year terms
  • Monthly or Quarterly payment options
  • Avoid large upfront costs
  • 100% Tax Deductible*
  • Operating lease available for LEA Schools & Academy’s

** Limited customers, for business use only

The Benefits of Leasing with SAM Software Solutions:

  • Pay as you Earn – Leasing your equipment means that you can enjoy the profits immediately without paying out a lump sum up front.
  • Spread the VAT – It’s paid in instalments rather than as a lump sum up-front (excluding HP agreements) and you still claim VAT back.
  • Cash Flow – Spread the cost over an agreed term. Make your capital work for you – rather than sink valuable cash into depreciating assets, deploy it elsewhere for higher returns.
  • Protects Existing Credit Lines – Leasing does not affect your credit lines. Reduce dependency on your primary funder(s) – Your existing credit lines remain unaffected and you will have access to over 20 specialist asset funders.
  • Tax Deductible – Lease rental payments are 100% tax deductible against profits*.
  • Best Product – Access to a higher standard of equipment as makes expensive kit more affordable.
  • Stretch Budgets – Make investment decisions based upon your needs and not limited by constrained budgets.
  • Fixed Payments – Lease payments are fixed. Low, fixed payments allow easy budgeting throughout the term.
  • Easy Upgrades – Upgrade your equipment before the lease ends should you require. Manage obsolescence and refresh assets strategically rather than face un-budgeted write offs.

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