Data Migration

Data Migration

When you’re ready to accelerate the growth of your business with technology, there’s no need to worry about losing your data.

Your business efficiencies and effectiveness can be boosted by appliing SAM’s data migration process to your existing data, which can be recoverd from your existing systems or spreadsheets, this includes your supplier catalogue, product listings, customer information, stock and parts details.

Data Migration Phase

All of this data can be migrated from your current systems or spreadsheets into SAM during the installation and implementation phase, then after training your team can hit the ground running with no need to re-enter or re-key and information.

To save time migrating your data we ask that all data is preformatted correctly, ensuring that all dada filedls are in the correct order. we can provide a apreadshet template if necessary.

You can use a spreadsheet to format the following data:

  • Business, financial and default settings.
  • Customer Records
  • Supplier Records
  • Stock Codes and Quantities (normally a stocktake is required)


✅  Supplier Catalogues – You can import your supplier catalogues.

✅  Product Listings – You can import your product listings from your eCommerce website or your stock control system.

✅  Customer Information – Upload your data from your CRM or spreadsheets and keep up to date with your clients.

✅  Parts Details – If you have assets that you are maintaining, we can upload this data and you can seamlessly continue monitoring.

✅  Import Data from your Current Systems – If you are using another software system to store your business data you we can migrate that data into SAM.

✅  Import Data from Spreadsheets – It’s time to stop using numerous spreadsheets to collate your data, we can upload your data into SAM and simplify your complex systems.


✅  Data Integrity – The data migration process ensures the comprehensive assurance of the accuracy and consistency of your data.

✅  Minimizes disruption – A successful data migration process minimizes disruption of the daily business operations with minimal manual efforts

✅  Improves Current Systems – Migrating your data into SAM upgrades underlying applications and systems while boosting organisational efficiency and effectiveness.

✅  Boosts Scalability – After your data has been migrated it helps with the scaling of resources to meet growing needs of the business.

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