Software Development

Technical expertise and great service

By choosing SAM Software to develop a bespoke database solution for your business, you are choosing a service which: 

Bespoke Software Development

♦ Is dedicated to ‘going that extra mile’ to understand how your business processes work;
♦ Puts its extensive business experience and knowledge to work on creating the perfect system to match your exact requirements;
♦ Creates software that works seamlessly with your existing systems, reducing disruption and downtime;
♦ Combines strategic planning techniques, project management expertise and software development skills to create tailor-made solutions to your business problems.

We are a leading Sage developer, specialising in customising Sage to meet your business needs, we also specialise in the development and deployment of client/server bespoke software tailor-made for our client requirements.

Our extensive experience with the integration of back-office software to Internet applications allows your company to harness the power of the World Wide Web.

From order management systems to specialised research applications we can cater for your needs whatever your requirement.

We also provide our own in-house bespoke database software solutions, coupled with software which interfaces with Sage and Microsoft solutions in order to provide a complete solution for your business.

Bespoke Database

SAM Bespoke Database is designed and built around the types and levels of information that you need to make decisions and run your business effectively. Whether you need a contact management system or a powerful research tool, we will create a platform that puts the exact data you need at your fingertips.

Equally, we’ll aim to automate and simplify your business processes wherever possible so that you spend less time and effort on gathering information.We are especially skilled and experienced in working with existing Microsoft SQL Server, MYSQL and Microsoft Access databases, extending their capabilities through bespoke programming.

And by web-enabling these applications, we give you the flexibility of being able to access and use your data from anywhere with an Internet connection – perfect for multi-site companies or businesses that require frequent travel.

We provide services for Windows platforms including:

♦ C.NET Application Development;

♦ VB.NET Application Development;

♦ Intranet Software Development using Internet Technologies;

♦ SQL Server, XML, MS Access Database Connectivity;

♦ Plus Integration with your Existing Database or Applications (if required).

Features and Benefits

♦ Your existing system is evaluated and deficiencies are identified. This is done by interviewing users of the system and consulting with support personnel;

♦ The new system requirements are defined. In particular, the deficiencies in the existing system are addressed with specific proposals for improvement;

♦ The proposed system is designed. Plans are laid out concerning the physical construction, hardware, operating systems, programming, communications, and security issues;

♦ The new system is developed. The new components and programs are obtained and installed. Users of the system are trained in its use, and all aspects of performance are tested. If necessary, adjustments must be made at this stage;

♦ The system is put into use (implemented). This is done in various ways depending on initial analysis of existing system and working patterns;

♦ The new system can be phased in, according to application or location, and the old system gradually replaced;

♦ In some cases, it may be more cost-effective to shut down the old system and implement the new system all at once;

♦Once the new system is up and running for a while, it is exhaustively evaluated. Maintenance is kept up rigorously at all times.

Partner with SAM

Are you a decision maker in a large corporate that has IT staff who are too busy handling network and software package support rather than the development of new solutions?

Are you a business owner with big plans for your business but no time or inclination to get involved in developing software yourself?

SAM Software becomes your partner, working closely with you to provide the specialist expertise and dedicated development resource that you do not have in-house.

If you are considering using SAM Software for bespoke software development we will be happy to provide reference sites in business similar to your own.

For an informal discussion of your software requirements, please Contact us, or call 0115 8475210