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Website Design & Development

Website Design and Development

With millions of active internet users, the internet has phenomenal potential as a marketing tool for your company. 

However, your corporate website needs to be exactly right. A poorly designed and developed website will reflect badly on your business. 

A high-quality site will ensure that your first impression of prospective clients is always a good one. From a single-page template site to a fully customized bespoke solution.

Our flexible website service gives full creative control over your company’s website design, its entirely tailored to your corporate identity. We work closely with you to identify and meet your requirements while ensuring that your site is innovative, and user-friendly.

Sam's Unique wesite service


  • A low price. Because we use pre-made website styles (templates), we can automate many of our processes. This means we can keep our prices low.
  • Fast turnaround time. If we don’t deliver your new website within 10 working days, you can request a full refund, no questions asked.
  • High quality website templates. Designed by world-leading providers and the extensive experience of our professional staff ensures the best results every time.
  • Attention to detail. Our highly-trained design and development professionals will work closely with you to convert your business needs into a website specification.
  • Integrity & credibility. We have been in business for many years so you can be reassured that we are experts in our field. We will provide references on request from satisfied customers whose websites we have developed. You can view the quality of our work for yourself.
  • Personal and reliable service and after-care. There are no anonymous call centres at SAM Software Solutions. Our staff are ‘real people’ that will help you to quickly resolve any issues that arise with your website.
  • Full range of services. We offer a range of world-class website design and development services including flash design, re-design, SEO and programming services.
content management
Website Design

Fast Easy Content Management

Our content management system (CMS) is meticulously crafted to empower businesses, regardless of their scale or industry, to efficiently manage their website content with ease and speed. It eliminates the necessity for intricate technical expertise, making it accessible to all.

Ideal for microsites, intranets, extranets, and main corporate websites, our CMS facilitates seamless content control. In addition to swift updates to standard page content, this feature-rich system incorporates several integrated functionalities, ensuring a comprehensive solution for your content management needs.

  • E-marketing capabilities, e.g. creating and sending e-mail shots via your website
  • E-commerce [link to e-commerce sub-page], allowing your customers to order and pay for services online
  • Document management facilities for files that are uploaded to the website
  • Form building capabilities enable you to create bespoke forms for enquiries, customer surveys and so on.

80% of the functions are ready to use ‘out of the box, whilst the system also allows for the pre-designed templates to be extensively customised – making the product highly attractive to web developers as well as managers of corporate websites.

web hosting options
Web Hosting Optrions

A choice of options within our web hosting packages:

Sam Software’s content management system is available exclusively to customers who place their web hosting with us.

A choice of formats is available to meet your needs, depending on the nature and scale of the websites to be managed, including all the features that a business needs to enable them to update a public website. Simple for business users to operate, but offers a powerful template customization system for professional web designers.

For businesses that need to build and easily maintain a sophisticated set of corporate sites, microsites, intranets, or extranets. With advanced features such as e-marketing, e-commerce, and document management, this is the ideal web content management system for the larger corporate customer.
To find out more about our content management system, or to discuss which of our products would best suit your business, please contact us

Sam e-commerce solutions

Talk to SAM Software Solutions, our highly skilled team will create the perfect website to boost awareness of your brand and promote the right corporate image. 

This will allow you to attract more users and guaranteeing return visits. 

Not only that, but our innovative e-commerce solutions will give you all the added benefits of allowing your customers to order and buy from you online.

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