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Sage offers a powerful, flexible solution for all your accounting needs – and more …

As a certified Sage Developer, we possess the expertise to tailor solutions suitable for a wide range of industries. Which  includes warehousing & distribution, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, finance, and manufacturing.

We offer applications that seamlessly interface your Sage accounts with various back-office solutions.  Especially the direct integration of your website with your Sage accounts system.

At SAM, we prioritise our customers, ensuring that our solutions are customised to meet the unique needs of your business.

Sage Developer

If you’re in need of a Sage-integrated solution, we’ll collaborate with you to understand your business requirements thoroughly. Based on the challenges you’ve identified, we’ll propose a tailored solution that addresses your specific needs.

We will work with you to provide a requirements document for the solution prior to any work commencing.

Once we’ve finalised all the agreed-upon outcomes, we’ll begin work on the solution. Rest assured, we’ll keep you engaged throughout the entire process, ensuring that your solution is developed to meet all of your business needs.

As a certified Sage Developer, we have complete access to Sage Developer software and controls, guaranteeing that we can get your solution up and running to fulfill your business needs. Count on us, your Sage developer partner, to ensure that your business runs smoothly and boosts your bottom line.

Certified Sage Developer Partner

With over twenty years of experience working with the full range of Sage software packages, we are well-positioned to guide you in selecting the right Sage products to maximize value and benefits for your business. We will handle the software installation at your premises, and our certified Sage instructors will provide comprehensive training to ensure your staff can fully utilize your new system.

Bespoke Sage Addons Plugins

Over the years we have worked on many projects and have developed, a number of bespoke software applications for our clients. 

These external addons or plugins enable the transfer of data to and from Sage software without the user having the access to sensitive financial information. Here are some examples of the applications that we have developed:

Sage Developer

Sage Services

In addition to our Sage software development we provide other Sage-related services that allow our clients to get the best out of their Sage software:

The best way to find out about our Sage software solutions is to contact us and let us know about your specific requirements, our friendly and professional sales consultants will assist you to resolve your unique set of issues.

Call  SAM Software Solutions today on tel: 0115 8475210, or email: or use the Contact Form to discuss your company’s requirements, or explore our website to find out more about our products and services.

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