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Men in Tights come to NEC

SME Service Management Expo; UK-Birmingham, NEC Hall 10 Just because we’re Nottingham-based, you needn’t worry – our guys don’t follow Robin Hood’s dress code! But they’re consistently hitting the mark for our clients with SAM. Come along to see what the fuss is all about -increasing billable hours, highlighting additional revenue potential, and slashing admin work is only part of the story, you can also see the Digi-pen, it works and writes like a real pen but sends information back to control in seconds just like a PDA.

Digi-Pen Writes the Way

Sometimes field workers just don’t like PDAs. Often nothing to do with them being technophobes; they just prefer the simplicity and efficiency of a good old-fashioned pen and paper. The Digi-pen writes on paper just like an ordinary pen but sends the information back electronically to your control system (eg, SAM), together with a copy of the original -it’s truly amazing and is already in extensive use within the public sector. Click here to request more information

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