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SAM Software has been matching customers’ precise business needs with the most suitable products from our wide range of standard and customised software for twenty years. We’re 100% committed to providing software and related services that are efficient, reliable and user-friendly – making your company more productive and profitable whilst making life easier for you and your staff.
Websites &Order Processing
SAM Software provides a range of Order Management Solutions for processing and managing your business. You can control all your sales channels from one place with flexible and powerful tools that free you to grow sales, reduce costs, eliminate manual tasks and concentrate on building your business. Our tools include: Stock Inventory Management, Sales Order Processing For ACT! and Web Sales Order Processing into Sage Accounts.
We have a wealth of software development experience gained from years of successfully implementing bespoke software and database solutions. Our highly skilled consultants will work with you to understand your specific company's workflow and will offer expert advice on how your business can best leverage our powerful applications to make decisions and run your business effectively.
Sage AccountsSoftware
Certified Sage Business Partner - We are a Certified Sage business partner and Developer with many years of experience with Sage software products. This means we are well-placed to advise you on choosing the right Sage products to bring maximum value and benefit to your company. We will install the software at your place of work and our certified Sage instructors will fully train your team to get the most out of your new system.
Service Asset Management
SAM Service Asset Manager is a powerful and innovative application that enables you to control and manage every aspect of a service department or asset management in one place. It streamlines and automates numerous commercial functions, bringing enhanced productivity, reduced costs and greater visibility - both of your assets and of the progress of ongoing jobs and projects.

Service Management Software Flexible and Cost Effective,

SAM is a unique Service Management Software Solution that streamlines job planning, stock control, remote engineer access, call handling and service control. The software scales seamlessly; as your company grows, you can also add users as and when you need them.

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We are committed to delivering a range of first-class IT services to businesses across UK

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Service Management Solutions

Using SAM service management solutions can help your organisation improve efficiency and reduce operating costs across all departments. We provide business management solutions for engineering, and service companies. Our Solutions includes service management, job planning, scheduling, sales order processing, purchase order processing and stock control.

SAM Service Management Software Jobs Pricing

Sam Service management solution allows you to schedule your engineers, manage your customers, manage your suppliers, plan and cost jobs and create invoices.

You can optimise your Engineers with our SAM Service Management Solution

  • Give full visibility of all aspects of your business.
  • Get real time information about your field engineers.
  • Get complete costs, assets, stock management for jobs.
  • Convert job details to invoice by the click of a button.
  • Designed to streamline the management of preventative maintenance.
  • manages repairs & contracts as well as counter sales.
  • Give your customers access so they can add and track the progress of jobs.

Using our Service management solution enables you to increase customers’ expectations, it is important to manage the service propositions as this is key to your organisation giving good customer service.

SAM Service Manager can give a full all-round view of your business and IT assets, it enables you to see how they come together to support services.

The software ensures that processes and workflow are linked across organizational boundaries.

With SAM Service manager opportunities are quickly acted upon, you have the ability to meet or exceed critical business objectives. You can see your assets, and their relationship to the service you are delivering, you will be able to respond quickly
to new opportunities or to problems when t arise.hey


Order Fulfilment Solutions

We provides a range of order fulfilment services which includes order processing software for ACT, Magento E-commerce Solutions and a web-sales processing solution that download orders from a Magento website into Sage 50 Accounts or ACT CRM. Our solutions are scalable and we can also interface to other accounts packages if required.

Purchase Order Entry

You can keep customers informed as to whether their orders have been received, and where in the process their goods are.

our integrated solutions separates the accounts system and ensures that invoices can be processed rapidly by many people at the same time without needing to access the accounts programme. The e-commerce order processing module integrates with your Magento e-commerce website so that orders from your website can be processed rapidly and synched with your back office stock system. The order processing system can be run stand alone, or integrated directly with ACT! CRM, it can also be integrated with your Sage 50 accounts if required.

Our solutions are aimed at businesses that require affordable and order fulfilment stock systems which offers all the functionality required for rapid processing and shipping of orders with the added benefit of networking.

You can create invoices quickly and do inventory and stock control, stock balance management, goods management, goods category management, staff sales records management and staff permission management, backup and restore stock by SAM's user friendly interface and functionalities. SAM supports full customizable company info, importing your own logo, tax code setup etc.

Using SAM's integrated order fulfilment solutions allows users to take orders from one workstation, downloading orders from the e-commerce website in real time, whilst at the same time other users could be booking in stock, or despatching goods from separate terminals anywhere within your organisation.

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