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SAM Service Manager is designed to improve productivity and efficiency across your daily business operations, it enables businesses to go paperless and to streamline several of their repetitive processes through automation and with real-time information about their ongoing day to day activities.

SAM is packed with several useful features that help to provide a permanent link between your customers, administration team and mobile workers. Customers can have 24 hour access and log jobs though the customer portal, the administration team can go paperless and use SAM to automate several of their daily activities across several areas of the business, and mobile workers can use the SAM Mobile App to receive job information and send real-time job updates to customers and the administration team.

SAM can be used by several industry sectors and is not limited to service providers as there are several features that can benefit other business types. Our main aim is to improve and streamline your business processes enabling you to thrive in an ever changing business environment. SAM helps you to connect your businesses departments together in one place, there is no need for the double entry of information, routine phone calls or unnecessary travel as these are just some of the benefits of this software solution. Our development team are constantly improving the software and SAM subscribers will always receive the latest updates.

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"Efficiency is doing things right, effectiveness is doing the right things"

Peter Drucker

SAM Software Solutions has more than two decades of experience in meeting our clients needs with a variety bespoke cost saving software solutions. If your business is ready to boost productivity, the best way to visualise your future potential with service management software is with an online demonstration, One of our sales consultants will perform a needs analysis to find out exactly how you can benefit from SAM. Feel free to call us on 0115 847 5210 if you have any queries or questions, or you can leave us a message and we will promptly respond.

IT Support Solutions
Cloud Solutions

Cloud Computing

Boost your team’s collaborative efforts and increase productivity with cloud computing, unite your workforce with instant communication.

Office Move

IT Consultancy

Your business have unique requirements when it comes to IT infrastructure, from managing remote workers to planning office relocations

IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

A good IT infrastructure allows your business to operate effectively, it ensures that you deliver services and solutions to your customers efficiently

IT Support Services

IT Support

Increase your staff’s productivity and protect your business your data with SAM’s excellent IT support services.


Asset Management

Maintain a strong relationship with your customers’ assets and record detailed information.

Service Management

Service Management

Go paperless with the jobs module, move on from complicated systems of spreadsheets.

Stock Control

Stock Control

Maintain a list of products within SAM and ensure easy accessibility.


Accounts Integration

Save time and cease the duplication of information with accounts integration.


Software Development

We are a leading software development agency based in Nottingham. we specialise in customising Sage packages to meet customers business needs. The company also developers its own solutions that interfaces with Sage packages.

Training Services

SAM Software Solutions, offer a range of training courses to ensure that our clients acquire the required knowledge and are able to achieve maximum return on investment

Helpdesk Support

Customers who have purchased a support agreement are provided with an agreement number which must be quoted in all  communications with the Support Centre


Our success, a direct result of our commitment and dedication to deliver functional, resourceful applications to our customers.


“Using SAM has changed how we work, it has helped us to modernise, increase productivity and reduce the admin team’s workload.”

Sam Software Ase Autogate logo

ASE Autogate

Stuart Woods, Director

“We’ve been using SAM since 2017 and it really has changed the way that we work, our system of Excel spreadsheets became too complicated and now SAM manages almost everything.”

Sam Software customer Steve caunce logo

Steve Caunce

Helen Jones, Office Manager

“We started using SAM in December 2011 and it has definitely made us more productive, but most importantly it has given us more control”

Sam Software care group Logo

Care Group Ltd

Rob Veryard, Director