Business Software Solutions

Service Management

Never lose track of your customer and their work history, manage jobs, schedules, parts, invoicing, Van stock and much more all within a single application

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Stock Control

Manage customers, create invoices, manage stock and inventory, manage purchases, scan bar codes, track batches and serial numbers and much more.

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SAMLink Processor

With Samlink Processor you can integrate Sage Accounts with your Magento Store and automate the order processing of your store, saving time and reduce costs

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Our support team is highly knowledgeable and skilled at identifying and resolving issues, you can trust the SAM team to keep your systems running.

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Service Management

SAM Service Management Software streamlines the management of your service department it gives an holistic view of your customers.

The software allows you to manage customer of assets, plan maintenance jobs, provide help desk services, manage remote engineers, and resource planning.

Manage Jobs

The software keeps a list of all jobs entered onto the system, details of that job appears in the jobs scheduler and in the mobile application against the assigned engineer. The jobs overview screen uses a traffic light system to indicate the status of a job, red for new jobs, amber for in progress jobs and green for completed jobs.

Remote Engineers

Remote engineers can use the mobile application on their iphone or android device, the application is designed for providing service personnel with a central, portable and flexible solution for tracking and maintaining service requests, job status, job updates, customer addresses, contact information, and stock / job parts usage.

Invoice Jobs

 When jobs are completed, the engineering charges and all parts used on the job can be invoiced at the touch of a button, then automatically updated in Sage 50 accounts if required.

SAM offer a range of Sage Business Solutions for small to Medium size Businesses

Stock Control Software

Complete stock control and inventory management is crucial to fulfilling your customers’ requirements efficiently and on time.

Whatever products your business sells, total product visibility is essential throughout the company. By managing stock levels and inventory it ensures that product overstocking or shortages never occurs, overhead costs are controlled.

Customer Satisfaction

You can process a quotation to a sales order quickly and efficiently, promote better customer satisfaction, manage business growth and generate repeat business.

Order Processing

SAM stock control and Inventory management software is competitively priced, this is a truly cost effective software solution for companies looking to improve workflow and productivity in the work place. The software contains all the required features to properly manage stock and control inventory in your business.


Scan barcodes when adding new items, picking items for shipping or moving items in the warehouse; check Stock Availability, pick your quantity and add to a sales order with one click;

SAM stock and inventory control software for small business, based in nottingham

SAMLink - Magento Sage 50 Integration

Do you need a Sage 50 Magento integration link that will stop repetitive re-keying of online orders from your Web store into your accounting system?

This process can be time-consuming and prone to errors, also spreadsheet exports and imports frequently require operator attention for exporting and importing data.

The Samlink Processor supports magento store catalogues from a few products to tens of thousands of products.

♦ Web store administration panel to organise departments, display of product variants, and administer store promotions.
♦ Real-time customer registration submission to Sage 50.
♦ Real-time user login authentication and price list/price group retrieval from Sage 50.
♦ Real-time product price and stock level retrieval from Sage 50.
♦ Real-time sales order processing, with validation and submission to Sage 50.
♦ Scheduled product and customer data updates from Sage 50.

The Samlink Magento Sage 50 integration solution enables organisations running Sage 50 and the Magento eCommerce platform to quickly and easily integrate the two applications to streamline order processing tasks and remove costly administration.

SAMLink Processor, transfer website orders to Sage 50 Accounts