Asset Management Software

Use SAM's Asset Management Software for all your company's Assets

Put your clients at ease with the knowledge that their assets are accounted for and in good hands, with Sams’s asset management software you can maintain a strong relationship with your customers’ assets and quickly access detailed information. A centralised asset database gives SAM users, mobile workers, and customers the ability to track the condition of an asset over course of its lifespan. You can record a detailed description of an asset, it’s warranty information, attach documents and images, generate serial numbers, customer site, and contact details.

SAM's Assets Management overview screen for all the assets that are be tracked.

Using spreadsheets for asset tracking was once innovative, but with Sam’s Asset Management Software you have a reliable solution with many more benefits. A centralised asset directory allows multiple authorised users 24-hour access to asset information, it is easy to use and significantly reduces errors that are easy to make with a complex system of spreadsheets.

Asset Management PPM Scheduling

Never miss a pre-planned maintenance visit with PPM scheduling. Creating a PPM schedule for your client’s assets is a simple process once a contract is a agreed. Maintenace jobs are scheduled to recur (1) weekly, (2) monthly, (3) quarterly, etc. they will automatically appear as new jobs on the scheduled dates.

Email Notifications

Automated email notifications can be sent to the client or to a manager telling them the status of the job throughout the duration of the maintenance contract.

Real-Time Accurate Information

Detail view of an individual asset.

Using Sam’s Asset Management software gives you a complete overview of your assets in real-time, you can track your assets from the time they arrive and as they are moved from location to location. This data is always available and is much more accurate than using paper or spreadsheets, also, the chance to make simple errors is significantly reduced a purpose-built asset management solution.

Asset Management, Reporting & Forecasting

All data that is generated can be used to create reports that keep management in the loop on the overall status of the asset directory. There are several customer reports that are already available, or we can create based on any data that is in the asset directory. With the complete history of your assets, from acquisition to end of life, you can make predictions about the lifespan of future assets, this can help with forecasting and planning.


Centralised Asset Directory – After a new asset has been added it becomes a part of the asset directory, this enables SAM users to be able to easily access all assets in one place.

PPM Scheduling – Easily create a maintenance schedule for each asset at various frequencies (e.g. weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) over the asset’s lifespan, the service visit will be automatically created as a job to allocated by the administration team.

Tracking Assets – Track the condition of an asset with access to detailed information over the course of its lifespan. This includes the warranted information and expiry dates. Also, the assets can be grouped into separate categories with sub-categories to help you to organise your data, all of these interactions are recorded in the asset history.

Multiple Locations and Contacts – Record assets across multiple sites and you can assign specific company contacts to each asset.

Duplicate Assets – If you have several identical assets, you can save time and duplicate the asset in the database.

User-Defined Fields – You can record any information about an asset even if the required field isn’t already there. By using a custom field you can store information and then use that data for reports and analysis.

Email Notifications – Send automatic email notifications to your clients or any authorised party when there is any activity related to their asset, or when an assets warranty is due, or when the maintenance contract is comping to an end.

Reporting – Easily generate reports for forecasting and analysis based on any data that is recorded by the asset database.

Customer Portal – Give your customers 24-hour access to their asset data with a customer portal. Then your customers can log in through your website and check on the status of their assets’, they can create new jobs and leave messages for your administration team.

Accounts Integration – Integrates with Sage 50 Accounts


Go Paperless – Asset management software allows you to go paperless and progress from using spreadsheets to manage important information, this reduces errors and increases accuracy.

Confident Customers – Your customers will operate efficiently with full confidence in the condition of their assets.

Accurate Information – An accurate record of the condition of your clients’ assets helps to plan for the future

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