Bookings Diary Software

Bookings Diary

The bookings diary is the ultimate solution for streamlining communication across administrative teams, mobile workers, and management.
With the diary you have the ability to visually track your engineers’ activities as a team or individually. Also you can easily monitor their progress and ensure that all appointments are met.
Whether viewing by day, week, or month, different users can easily edit bookings, find openings and make necessary cancellations.

Scheduling Engineers

Booking and Scheduling

The scheduler is a comprehensive tool that displays all upcoming bookings. Including jobs for your site technicians and engineering team, making it easier than ever to manage your daily schedule.

Whether you’re looking to filter internal jobs, customer appointments, field service jobs, by day, week, or month. SAM’s innovative platform has got you covered.
Additionally, you can view each service technician or engineer’s diary separately, giving you unparalleled insight into your team’s daily activities. With our powerful scheduler, you’ll be able to streamline your operations and boost productivity like never before.

Resource Planning

Where the scheduler is used in a production environment, it helps to minimize production times and costs. You can do this by managing and creating a schedule based on the actual available capacity at any given time. This enables you to respond quickly to both internal and external changing demands.

The system also ensures that stock levels are reduced as materials are only ordered when required. Operations are only scheduled when resources are available, reducing work in progress (W.I.P) and avoiding bottlenecks in production. Corrective action can be taken to prevent late deliveries.
The scheduler uses simple drag-and-drop technology so that users can undertake “what-if” scenarios. This is useful while planning to find an alternative, viable production plan. It automatically reschedules the workload for the affected resource. Then it reschedules the operations across the entire shop floor, so you can see how the production schedule is affected.



Bookings Diary

The scheduler is a real-time production planning and scheduling solution. Which provides a high level of visibility and control of the service/manufacturing and planning processes. The scheduling process is dynamic, fast, and flexible. It provides a solution to a typically complex management procedure.
If you are familar with a wall planning bord then the appearance and functionality is similar, making it easy to use and simple to learn. It can be used to create optimal sequences of production based on a realistic model of the available capacity. It also provide a clear visual indication of the impact of unforeseen changes.

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