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The bookings diary is the perfect method for the exchange of information between administration teams, mobile workers and management, you get a visual representation of your engineers activities as a team or as an individual. You can view the engineers and mobile worker activities by the day, week or month and different users can edit bookings, find openings and make cancellations as and when required.

The scheduler is a real time production planning and scheduling solution that provide a high level of visibility and control of the service/manufacturing and planning process. The scheduling process is dynamic, fast and flexible, it provides a solution to a typically complex management procedure. It maintains the appearance and functionality of a traditional wall planning board, making it easy to use and simple to learn. It can be used to create optimal sequences of production based on a realistic model of the available capacity, as well as provide a clear visual indication of the impact of unforeseen changes.

Booking and Scheduling

Scheduling Engineers

The scheduler shows all bookings and jobs scheduled for your site technicians and engineering team. Whatever appointments you book will appear here. Internal jobs and customer appointments including field service jobs, they are all easily filtered by day, week or month. Furthermore, you can view each service technician or engineer’s diary separately.

Use the Bookings Diary for Production Planning

Where the scheduler is used in a production environment it helps to minimise production times and costs by managing and creating a schedule that is based on the real available capacity at any given time and enabling you to respond quickly to both internal and external changing demands.

The system also ensures that stock levels are reduced as materials are only ordered when required; that operations are only scheduled when resources are available, reducing work in progress (W.I.P) and avoiding bottlenecks in production and that corrective action can be taken to prevent late deliveries. The scheduler uses simple drag and drop technology so that users can undertake ‘what if’ scenarios whilst planning to find an alternative, viable production plan. It automatically re-schedule the workload for the affected resource and all the operations across the entire shop floor, so that you can see the real effects of changes to the production schedule.


✅  Appearance and functionality of a traditional planning board

✅  Forward sequential loading of all jobs

✅  Create a realistic model of available capacity

✅  Fully integrated with the SAM system

✅  Synchronizes with Job Scheduler – After a job has been processed it is instantly added to the bookings diary, then when it is edited in the bookings diary the job scheduler is updated. This included email notifications.

✅  Share Activities – The bookings diary can be viewed by the administration team and management and you can view the details by day, week or month. Also, you can adjust who can see by changing viewing permissions.

✅  Drag and Drop – You can quickly change the booked date and right-click to edit appointments easily.

Colour Coded – Gain a quick understanding of activities at a glance with colour coded identification for mobile workers or job categories.

Accounts Integration – Integrates with Sage 50 Accounts


✅  Go Paperless – There is no need for paper diaries, sticky notes, wallcharts or even spreadsheets with the bookings diary, this saves you time and space and reduces the risk of loss or error.

✅  Easy to Use – The simple, easy to use interface has colour coded identification for each mobile worker or job type.

✅  Transparency – The bookings diary allows your staff to share information with colleagues increasing employee ownership, employee engagement and improving company alignment.

✅  Customer Satisfaction – The bookings diary synchronizes with email notifications, and the combination will impress your customers with the high level of service.

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