Manage Customers (CRM)

Customer Relationships

From SAM’s Customers module, you can quickly manage interactions with current and potential customers in one place. All customer-related activities can be updated in the customer module, so there’s no need for the double entry of customer information.

Customers Overview

Additionally, customer records are automatically synchronized with your accounting software. 

You can easily view a comprehensive overview of your customers’ records, including their contacts, discounts, job history, sales history, purchase history, and deliveries.

SAM's Customers Module

Multiple Sites

Do you have customers with multiple sites? The customer module records all of your customers’ operating locations.

Additionally, if a client has a favorite mobile worker or if you have workers operating closer to a particular location, you can assign engineers to that area.

This way, when a SAM user creates a job, they will only be able to send the preferred mobile worker.

Customer Details


Management can gain a better insight into customer interactions by generating reports quickly.

Several customer reports are already available, and we can also create reports based on any customer information recorded by SAM.

Our sales consultants can take your requirements, and the requested report will be waiting when your system is installed.



Customers Details screen

Contacts – Add relevant contacts for each client, these contacts are for Selected Customers are listed under the ‘Contacts’ Tab. New Contacts can also be added here by clicking the new button at the bottom of the popup window.

Manage Customers Site Addresses – If your customer has several offices, and a number of contacts for each individual office, you can enter the site address for each office.

Manage Customers Discounts – There are many options for you to apply a customer discount. Customers can be split into various categories and then will receive the discount for that category. Also, you can apply a fixed sales price or discount by percentage or a specific amount.

Credit Control – For customers who are already part of the Sage Accounting software database, SAM can check their current account status. This is updated every time the SAM synchronizes with Sage.

Currency/Tax – Companies with an international client base can still add and trade with these clients using SAM. If you have international clients you will need to change their currency and tax details on their customer record.

Accounts Integration – Integrates with Sage 50 Accounts


✅ Brand Affinity – Customers want to buy from businesses they know and love. When armed with a customer database, you have the ability to build brand affinity by sending out marketing emails to people that have opted to receive them.

✅ Develop Customer Loyalty – A customer database allows your business to identify the most loyal and profitable customers. You can communicate with your customers through email marketing and engage with them to build further brand loyalty.

✅ Provide Better Customer Service – Happy customers equal good business. Database marketing allows you to develop a stronger relationship with your customers.

✅ Fast Access to Customer Information – managing and maintaining a loyal group of customers is one of the key benefits of a customer database. these are customers who have purchased from you in the past. The desire to purchase from your business again is higher than it would be if you were prospecting for new customers.

✅ Launching New Products – A captive audience when rolling out new products to a small segment of your database is a great way to test the water before launching it on a wider scale. You can target an audience based on information from your customer database.


You can use Sam’s CRM module to manage all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. 

Sam’s CRM module can help your company stay connected to customers, streamline your processes, and improve profitability. 

A CRM solution helps you focus on your organization’s relationships with individual people, customers, service users, colleagues, and suppliers. 

It also helps in finding new customers, winning their business, and providing support and additional services throughout the relationship.

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