Customer Portal

Customer Portal

The customer portal offers a cost-effective means of communication with your customers. They can log their own jobs and check statuses or history without needing to interact physically with other staff members.

This reduces the workload on the administration team, as they no longer have to handle these communications. Simultaneously, customers gain confidence knowing that their job has been logged to their satisfaction.

Company Data

Tech-savvy customers can access their data or communicate with the company at their leisure. Additionally, the customer portal is accessible to multiple customers simultaneously as long as they have an internet connection.

This can dramatically boost your productivity, as your administration team only needs to manage one customer at a time.

Service Levels

With the dedicated customer portal at your client’s disposal, they can monitor job statuses. Ensuring that service levels are being achieved to their satisfaction.

The customer portal can also provide customers access to multiple resources at their fingertips. They can gain detailed knowledge of jobs being processed, navigate through frequently asked questions, and interact with the assigned engineers.



Customer Portal

The SAM’s customer portal offers a comprehensive view of all your customer’s activity, allowing for seamless tracking of key metrics, support enquiries, reference documents, and other critical information. 

This results in strengthened customer relationships and a transparent, secure, and collaborative environment for both parties, ultimately leading to improved business outcomes and increased customer satisfaction.

Customer Services

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