Email Notifications

Email Notifications

Email Notifications

Email notifications ensure that your administrative team, mobile workers, and customers stay up-to-date with the progress of the job. 

When a job is created, emails can be customised and sent to numerous accounts of those interested in the particular job.

 Additionally, emails can be set to trigger for specific events, including job allocation, invoice sending, job completion, or job cancellation.

Sending automated emails can help your administrative team manage job-related outbound and incoming phone calls. It can also alleviates the burden of manually sending updates to multiple recipients. 

Email Notification Recipiants

With SAM’s email notifications, you can assign specific recipients to receive real-time updates whenever changes occur. This ensures prompt and efficient communication, making your team’s workflow smoother than ever before.

In addition to selecting recipients from the extensive list of engineers and specific contacts within the company. You can also have the option to easily send notifications to unlisted contacts by simply typing in their email addresses.

Email Notifications



Why Email Notifications?

Using Sam’s email notifications is without a doubt the most efficient and time-saving way of communicating with customers and users.

These notifications act as a direct line of contact to update and engage with interested parties about the progress of critical jobs and each stage of the job process. 

By adopting this communication strategy, your business can experience significant improvements in their overall productivity and success. Notification emails have proven to be a vital tool in the world of business and you don’t want to be left behind.

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