Job Management Software

Job Management Software

The SAM jobs module is the feature rich home of all your job management activities, it combines with the other SAM modules to enable businesses to streamline their day to day operations and go paperless. From the jobs module you can manage your job scheduling, you can generate job sheets, and you can perform job costing, tracking and quoting activities.

There is no need for complicated systems of multiple spreadsheets to manage your mobile workers or contrators, and when used in conjunction with the SAM Mobile App, the jobs module enables you to have real-time updates on all of your job status’s in one place.

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Financial activities like invoicing, and generating sales & purchase orders are synchronized with your accounts software and this saves time as there’s no need to repeatedly input the same information. Job information is entered directly into the jobs interface by the administration team from the office, mobile workers using the SAM Mobile App and customers through their digital signatures and the customer portal.

Jobs Module Overview

The SAM jobs module allows you to simplify your business processes and focus on increasing productivity, improving quality and winning new business.

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The colour-coded job overview screen uses a traffic light system to show the current job status. At a glance, administration staff can see which jobs are a high priority, who’s assigned to work on the jobs, and whether the job is awaiting attention, in progress or completed.

Job Details

Record a lot of useful information for each job created, this includes supplier details, the type of job (e.g. installation, maintenance, repair, etc…) and who will perform the work. Customisable drop-down menus help different industry sectors to categorize the jobs to suit their specific needs.


Sometimes a job is not simply one action, for example, the installation of an electrical lighting system may not be down to one electrician, the job could be broken down into different parts: installation, testing, and cleanup. The Job management module includea a tasks section which allows for breaking jobs into separate tasks, the job will not be finished until all tasks are completed.


Job Scheduling – Administration staff can use the jobs module to schedule jobs much quicker and with more accuracy.

Job Tracking – Jobs are easily accessible from the office through the jobs module

Job Sheets – Go paperless and create job sheets for your mobile workers from the jobs module.

Job Costing – Save time with the creation of quotations, similar to a sales order you can simply create quotations for potential or existing customers.

Job History – Once the job is created every interaction with the job is recorded in the history tab.

Email Notifications – Email notifications mean that users do not have to physically monitor each step of a job’s progress. The SAM jobs module allows users to enter as many email addresses as necessary for each job, then an email notification is sent for each stage of the job until completion.

SAM Mobile App – The SAM Mobile App enables instant communication between the administration team and each mobile worker. The updates tab allows administration staff to send text messages about a specific job to the mobile worker, who can respond through their mobile app.

Customer Portal – Customer portals are a cost-effective way to interact with your customers, they can log their own jobs and check there status or history without physically interacting with a member of staff.

Accounts Integration – Integrates with Sage 50 Accounts


Job Management – Manage the entire jobs process from creating the job to sending the invoice.

Jobs Overview – From the jobs module you can view all current job status’s at a glance.

Job Information – Gain instant access to a variety of job details.

Go Paperless – There’s no need for job sheets, filing or storing paper when you eliminate the use of paper for administration.

Instant Quotations – Quickly calculate the total cost of each job and automatically send the quotation to the customer.

Increase Productivity – When you go paperless with the SAM Mobile App and accounts integration you reduce the duplication of information, it saves time & space and increases data accuracy. This extra time can be used to conduct other service delivery activities and to win more business.

Reduce Waste – Going paperless is a simple way to have a huge impact on the environment, it helps save trees, reduce pollution, cut down on transport and save water

Performance Analysis – Leadership can use reports to gain insights of the businesses day to day performance and to make informed decisions based on accurate information. Management can set realistic data driven KPI’s to monitor, manage and improve employee performance.