Job Scheduling Software

Companies that provide installations, reactive repairs, and planned maintenance can spend a lot of time on administration and scheduling activities, SAM’s job scheduling software can help your business to go paperless and automate the job scheduling process. The jobs module integrates with the other SAM modules so that the job details include parts, products, sales, and the customer information that mobile workers need in order to resolve customer issues. Here you can create and edit jobs and immediately send them to mobile workers using the SAM Mobile App. You can assign the jobs to a selection of mobile workers and prioritize the jobs at varying levels of importance, from the jobs overview screen you can view all of the open jobs and filter them according to different classifications (e.g. type of job, mobile worker, job creation date, etc…).

Job Scheduling Software

Job Scheduling Features:

✅  Create, Edit, and Complete Jobs – From the jobs module you can create, edit, and complete jobs. As soon as a job is logged it is available to be allocated and is listed on the job overview screen. While logging the job admin staff can choose from several categories (e.g. type of job, mobile worker, job priority, etc.), and from the job overview screen, they can filter and search the jobs according to these categories.

✅  Bookings Diary – Once a job is logged and available to be allocated, it can be viewed and edited from the bookings diary. Here they have a visual representation of their jobs and they can filter and search their jobs and mobile worker activities, the mobile workers upcoming jobs can be viewed by day, week, or month. Also, the bookings diary has a drag and drop function that can be used to create and edit jobs to be carried out by mobile workers.

✅ Scheduling Engineers – The scheduler shows all bookings and jobs scheduled for your site technicians and engineering team. Whatever appointments you book will appear in the scheduler. Internal jobs and customer appointments including field service jobs are all easily filtered by day, week, or month. Furthermore, you can view each service technician or engineer’s diary separately.

✅  Job Status Updates – From the jobs module the administration team gets immediate updates on current job statuses, as soon as a mobile worker updates their job status using the SAM Mobile App, it is updated on the job overview screen.

Job Scheduler

✅  Email Notifications – The administration team, mobile workers, and customers can be kept up to date on job statuses with email notifications.

✅  Add Parts and Stock Items – If required for the completion of a job the administration team and mobile workers can add assets or stock items from the jobs module.

✅  Create PDFs – Jobs can easily be converted into PDFs and then emailed to customers or mobile workers.

✅  SAM Mobile App – There are many benefits that come from using the SAM Mobile App, jobs statuses are immediately synchronized between the two, and the administration team and mobile workers can send detailed messages with job information.

Accounts Integration – Integrates with Sage 50 Accounts


✅  Go Paperless – Using technology completely removes paper from the job scheduling process, this is good for the environment, significantly reduces errors, and increases productivity.

✅  Save Time – Using job scheduling is much quicker than paper or spreadsheets, also, when using the SAM Mobile App mobile workers do not need to come back to the office to deliver completed job sheets. This time couple be used to complete another job.

✅  Saves Resources – Manually assigning tasks, checking performance, and gathering feedback from employees takes a lot of time and money, all of this can be managed from the jobs module and these resources can be used to make the business more productive.

✅  Automated Job Tracking – Job scheduling software simplifies job tracking and automates the process, this helps teams to be more productive and produces data for analysis and forecasting.

✅  Increases Productivity – Fast job creation and instant job status updates is much more productive than the manual process, this reduces travel time and allows the administration team and mobile workers to be more productive.

✅  Team Transparency – From the job overview screen you can see all of the current jobs, once assigned these job statuses can be monitored by anyone with access and this is a completely transparent process, promoting openness and honesty throughout the organisation.



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