Quotations Software

Quotations Software

The quotation software module speeds up the sales process, with quick and easy access to pricing information your sales staff can respond to customer inquiries with ease. If the customer is happy with the quote and ready to make an order, the quotation can be quickly and easily converted into a sales order. Quotations can be sent to customers via email, and if the customer was initially unsure, but is now ready to buy, the quote can be instantly retrieved.

SAM Quotations Module

Creating Quotations

The SAM suite of programs facilitates the creation of quotations, quotations are similar to sales orders; you can create quotations for existing or prospective customers and if the customer wants to proceed with an order, the quotation software facilitates the conversion into a Sales Order. A new quotation is live once you save the details that you’ve just entered, and if the quotation is converted to a sales order it is then completed and marked as won. Withe the quotation module you can create orders for existing customers or for new prospective customers.

Quotations details Screen


✅ Quotation Tracking – Track your outstanding quotations from a list or search for them, also, you can set up an email notification if a quote is overdue.

✅ Update Quotation – You can add line items to the quotes and update subtotals, taxes, adjustments, and grand total amounts.

✅ Group Quotations – Select different prices for the same product depending on the customer segment.

✅ Email Quotation – Easily send the customer a sales quotation via email, and track the quotation when the customer returns to make the order.

✅ Convert Quotation into Sales Order – When the customer is ready to make the order quickly convert the quotation into a sales order and create an invoice with a single click.

✅ Customise Quotation – Create templates and display your billing & shipping addresses and terms & conditions.

Accounts Integration – Integrates with Sage 50 Accounts.


✅Save Time with Templates – Using templates helps to speed up the sales process and to deliver faster quotations.

✅ Personalised Quotations – You can customize your quotes and personalize them for your clients, using current pricing while applying individual or group discounts.

✅ Present Accurate Quotations – An inaccurate quotation will slow down the sales process, especially if a customer has to return their quote due to misquoting. The quotations module instantly accesses current prices and removes the possibility of guesswork within your sales team.




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