Sage 50 Accounts Integration

Sage 50 Accounts Integration

Sage Accounts Integration

Save time and cease the duplication of data with the SAM Sage 50 accounts integration module. If you are using accounting software, there is no need to re-key any data all customer transactions are synchronized with your accounting software in real time.

The SAM Service manager application incorporates an interface into Sage 50 Accounts software, delivering an integrated front-of-office and back-office system that ensures fast throughput of data with the accounts department and the rest of your organisation.

Setup sage Accounts integration

You can keep customers informed as to whether their orders have been received, and where in the process their goods are. This process is often a manual procedure with lots of standalone processes. The integrated solution separates the accounts department and ensures that invoices can be processed rapidly by many people at the same time without delay.


Invoices – Batch process invoices into your accounts system, this can be done at the touch of a button, there is no need to re-key data just click the process invoice button and the accounts system will be updated automatically.

Stock – Your stock levels are automatically updated and synchronised with your accounting software

Customer & Supplier Records – After the transaction is completed both customer and supplier records are updated.

Accounts Integration – Integrates with Sage 50 Accounts.


Save Time – Stop duplicating data and eliminate re-entering quotations, sales orders, and invoices

Accurate Financial Information – Gain access to real-time financial data and stay on top of your profit & loss

Automated Sales Orders -Received sales and orders from all channels and they are synchronized with your stock system and accounting software

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