SAM Mobile App

SAM Service Manager Mobile App.

SAM Mobile App

The SAM Mobile App extends the benefits of SAM from your office administrators to your mobile workers. The mobile app is a portable and flexible solution designed to track and maintain service requests. 

The app also monitors job status, job updates, customer addresses, contact information, and stock/parts usage. SAM Mobile App ensures that mobile workers work smarter and faster with real-time access to up-to-date information about their work schedules.

Realtime Updates

The App provides immediate response to service requests and offers a simple interface with consistent functionality, regardless of internet connectivity. SAM Mobile streamlines job scheduling and equips mobile workers with valuable information to help them successfully complete complex work orders. Additionally, workers can record customers’ signatures, which are time-stamped and instantly sent to the office upon job completion.

Sam Mobile App Job Scheduling

Mobile workers can use the job screen to list, sort, and search for their scheduled jobs. The app provides a detailed summary that includes the job is location, job status, Job type, and job priority. Mobile app users can update jobs and indicate the actions taken to complete the job.

Job Status Update

Customer/ Site information, the App contains the current customer’s contact information, mobile workers can contact the customer using their phone if required. This also includes the appropriate customer sites and the contact details of individuals who work at those sites. Users can search for customers via a site postcode or contact name.

SAM Mobile App Signature

SAM Mobile App Stock & Pricing

The SAM Mobile App can access stock details. Mobile workers may require information about specific stock items that has been recorded which may be required for a job. Mobile workers can quickly search for parts and display stock summary information. Example, stock availability, stock description, and stock prices.

Working Online/Offline with the Mobile App

The SAM Mobile App works both online and offline. When it’s online it works through data connections, such as WiFi and 3G/4G/5G mobile data services. When the app is offline it doesn’t require a data connection, however, once it makes an Internet connection it immediately synchronizes with the server. All data recorded on the app is time-stamped. If a customers signature is taken while the app offline, the actual time of the signature is updated when the app synchronizes with the centralised database.


✅  Job Management,  mobile workers can use the App to search for new jobs, they can accept, edit and create jobs while on-site.

✅  Asset Management, If the job involves a customer’s asset the mobile worker can use the app to search for the asset. Then record information about the asset, check for available parts and record parts used.

✅  Customer Management, Remote workers can use the app to look up customer and site details.

✅  Digital Signature, When a job is completed the mobile worker records the customer’s digital signature and sign-off the completed job.

✅  Time-Stamped Signature, the digital signature is time-stamped and this is saved in the jobs history.

✅  Real-Time Data Synchronization, the SAM Mobile App is fully functional offline. When the phone makes an Internet connection the data is immediately synchronized with the server.

✅  Android and iOS, the SAM Mobile App is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems.

✅ Accounts Integration, Integrates with Sage 50 Accounts.


✅  Accurate Information – Using the SAM Mobile App and going paperless reduces the margin for error. There’s less chance to lose or damage important documents. Mobile workers can enter the customers information directly to the server. All of this can be monitored by the administration team and management who can quickly respond to any pressing issues.

✅  Go Paperless – Mobile workers do not need job sheets or any paper to sign off their jobs. All information is recorded with the app and the digital signature signs off the job.

✅  Save Time – There’s no need for mobile workers to travel to the office to drop off completed job sheets. Also, the administration team doesn’t need to enter the data into the

✅  Reduce Costs, No need to travel to the office, the company could save money and increase profits in fuel costs.

✅  Increase Productivity, If your administration team does not have to key data into spreadsheets they could be conducting other activities. Making the business more productive.

managing remote workers

The SAM mobile app is an essential add-on for your mobile workers. because in today’s digital age, technology plays an increasingly significant role. It will enormously transform how your mobile workers operate. 

From social networking to increased productivity, the mobile app have become an integral part of our day-to-day routine, in ways that were unimaginable just a decade ago.

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