In the age of COVID-19 service, management software is still in high demand. There are many clear benefits to be gained from service management software, these include real-time communication with engineers, sales orders, stock management, asset management, and much more. Although, the benefits of service management software are specific to each industry and organisation. With various field engineers providing maintenance and operating across several remote locations, fire alarm installation and maintenance providers can benefit massively from service management software.

Here are five benefits of service management software for fire alarm installation and maintenance providers:

Prompt Maintenance

Fire Alarm and Security service providers operate in a highly sensitive industry sector. All service calls must be addressed immediately, any delay could cause a breach of the service level agreement and then damage your reputation. For example, not responding promptly to a service call about an intruder alarm could result in a burglary, this will not only cause damage to your reputation, but also could open the door for criminal liabilities, fines, and most importantly a loss of business.

With service management software information is updated in real-time, this removes the duplication of information and tasks. Also, tasks and information can be sent instantly to the most appropriate employee, and when using the mobile app mobile engineers can quickly respond to service calls while on the move.

Reporting and Analysis

Using paperwork and spreadsheets is generally how service providers schedule and document their day to day operations. When compared to using service management software this is a long and drawn-out process, with service engineers having to regularly visit the office to collect and return job sheets. Also, the chance of human error is increased with different people involved in the process.

With service management software all of this information is collected in one action, it is then instantly available for any interested parties, and can then be used to generate a variety of reports that can be used for analysis or to provide the required information for any regulatory bodies. The reports can be customised to ensure that the right information is available for the right people at the right time.

Delivers Cost Savings

Traditional job scheduling is time-consuming and can result in wasted journeys and fuel consumption. With service management software service agents can receive their job information without visiting the office, when using a mobile app job information can be entered into the phone. This can create huge savings for businesses with teams of mobile engineers.

For example, a company with 20 mobile engineers who have an average office commute of 3 miles, can save 120 miles per day, 600 miles per week, or 30000 miles per year by removing the two office commutes to collect and return their job sheets.

The automation of routine tasks along with accurate reporting and analysis improves the overall efficiency and productivity of the business, creating further savings. In the age of COVID-19 these cost savings created by using service management software could be critical to the very survival of the business.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction doesn’t just affect the business’ profits, it also affects the team’s morale and staff retention rate. A fire and security company with a customer portal, enabling customers to access real-time information on their job status, create a new job or know the location of the mobile engineer will certainly boost customer satisfaction.

Customers expect excellent service. Lack of coordination can cause delays and they don’t have extra time to wait for mobile engineers to arrive later than promised. With service management software these delays are minimised, mobile engineers are constantly in communication with the back office team with job information seamlessly sent back and forth.

Create New Business Opportunities

Excellent customer service has a great impact on your business operations. When the customers’ needs are met in a timely and professional manner, you become loyal customers’ who are more than willing to give you referrals and help to grow the business. When you invest in service management software you will increase your employees’ productivity, analyse trends, improve communication between your head office and the mobile engineers, this is another boost for the business’ customer satisfaction.

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