Electrical Contractor Software

Electtrical contractors

Electrical engineering is one of the most sought after skills in the UK, like other skilled trades there is a skills shortage putting qualified electricians in high demand. An electrical contractor is vital for day to day activities and they can provide a wide range of services for both residential and commercial customers, the lack of skilled electrical engineers ensures that they are busy with a high workload. Electrician service software helps electrical engineering service providers manage their high workload with ease and accuracy, they can improve customer satisfaction by automating many of the repetitive daily tasks and they can instantly communicate with mobile engineers using the SAM Mobile App.

Electrical Contractor

Electrician service software can be used to manage all areas of an electrical contractor business and it is designed to increase productivity while saving time and money.

Job Management Software

With electrical contractor software job management is a paperless activity and jobs can be costed, tracked, scheduled and monitored by the administration team; while job information is detailed with job statuses instantly updated as the mobile engineer progresses through the job. Each job can have email notifications sent to multiple recipients every time the job status changes, letting your customer (or management) know that the mobile engineer is ‘on the way’ or ‘in progress’. When the job is completed the mobile engineer can take the customer’s digital signature, that is time-stamped, and this confirms that the job is completed.

Customer Portal

Job management becomes even easier when you include the customer in the job scheduling process. This can be done by adding a customer portal to your website, your customers can visit your website, login and then they have access to all of their job information. They can create their own jobs and check job statuses whenever there is a need, because unlike your administration team, the customer portal is available 24 hours a day , 7 days a week.

Electrical Contractor Mobile App

You get the real benefits of electrical contractor software when it is used in conjunction with the SAM Mobile App. The SAM Mobile App tracks and maintains service requests, job statuses, job updates, customer addresses, contact information, and stock/parts usage; this makes the mobile engineers role much easier and more productive, there’s no job sheets to lose, damage or drop off back at the office. The administration team can use the SAM Mobile App to communicate with mobile engineers, sending them important information if required to complete the job. When the job is completed the customer can give their digital signature to complete the job.