Job Tracking Software

Job Tracking Software

With hundreds or thousands of jobs to be completed every month, it is extremely hard to deliver a high quality service with your administration team and mobile workers using paper or spreadsheets. SAM job Tracking Software users have no need for paper job sheets or a place to store them, because their job information is easily accessible through the jobs module.

Job Tracking Software

Jobs are easily accessible from the office through the jobs module; for mobile workers through the mobile app; and for customers through the customer portal. Users can gain real-time access to job information , including job status’s and histories.

Job Tracking Features:

✅  Simple Job Creation – It is easy to quickly log important details through the jobs module. When a job is created SAM automatically creates a job number and this can be used to for job tracking.

✅  Job Searches – Permitted employees, mobile workers and customers can use the job number to search for jobs. Permitted employees can search and edit jobs; mobile workers can update the jobs progress while they work, and customer can add new jobs and check job status though the customer portal.

✅  Job Reports – Management can track job and team progress using job reports, they can be found under the reports tab in the jobs module. There are several job activity templates and you can have customized reports designer with the specific data that is required.

Accounts Integration – Integrates with Sage 50 Accounts


✅  Go Paperless – Job tracking becomes a lot easier with technology and it removes the chance for errors and reduces waste. Different types of user can easily find the relevant job information they desire using the generated job numbers.

✅  Track Job Progress – The administration team, managers and customers can track the progress of jobs using various methods

✅  Management Insights – Management can gain insights into current/past jobs and company processes. Job reports can arrange the data so that management receives the information required to make the right decisions.




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