Sage Fast Order Plugin

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The Sage Fast Order Processor Plugin is an add-on to Sage 50 that allows you to create new sales orders faster, with fewer errors than would be the case if you were using a paper form or creating a sales order directly in Sage.

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Sage 50 Fast Order Plugin

The Sage Fast Order Processor Plugin is an add-on to Sage 50. The plugin allows you to create new sales orders faster, with fewer errors. Creating sales orders directly in Sage or using paper can be more erroneous and time-consuming.

Sage Fast Order Plugin


The plugin draws upon your customer’s individual price list, which is held in Sage. It presents you with a form for a new order that is pre-filled with all the items that the customer has previously ordered. It uses the last unit price that the customer paid for each item. This removes the need to write down or type in each line on the order again.

Features & Benefits:

  • Faster order creation
  • Identify when customers last ordered
  • Protect against unprofitable orders
  • Rapid assessment of delivery workload
  • Predefined Items list Template
  • Save a list of items and prices for each customer.
  • Update the list items price based on the last order’s price.
  • Adding a new Order

The fast order processor plugin is triggered from an additional icon provided in the Sage 50 menu bar, which is labelled ‘Fast Ordering’.

Adding a new product to a customer’s order

If a customer wants to order an item that is not on their individual price list, you can add a new line item to the order then when the order is saved the customer price list will be updated with the new product.

Saving the order will add the new product to the customer’s price list at the entered price and this product will be displayed the next time an order is to be created for that customer.

Removing a Product

Removing a product from a customer’s price list by un-checking the ‘Save’ tick-box the product is removed from the customer’s price list.

Quickly Identify slow-moving products

The order form will also display, for each line item, the number of sales orders that have passed since that product was last ordered.

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