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SAM Service Manager, fully-featured service and Asset Management solution. Keep your business organised and ensure that you keep your customers fully updated with the progress on any issues that are currently being progressed.

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SAM Service Manager is a fully-featured service and Asset Management solution that is suitable for managing your service business, this version is off the shelf and is downloadable, click on the link below to download and use today. It’s packed with features to help keep your service business truly organised and ensure you keep your customers fully updated with the progress on any issues that are currently being worked on.

As well as informing you when a service contract is not profitable, it also helps to manage your other day-to-day scheduling. So you’ll be more in control and be able to free up time for other areas of your business.

There are also features that allow you to manage your customers more professionally, while our flexible management reports give you a greater insight into your business.


Service and Asset Management solution (SAM) is a comprehensive help desk and asset management software package, providing Help desk, Personnel, Service managers, and estates managers with a fully integrated simple Cockpit from which to monitor operations. Maintaining assets and requests, from users of resources.
Often the first contact users have with their support technician is when something goes wrong. As a single point of contact, the help desk plays an important part in the provision of Services, avoiding losses due to inefficiencies. The main focus of SAM Service Manager is support requests and Asset Tracking.

Main Features

Complete asset tracking Full tracking of your assets over its complete life cycle.

Change Management

SAM creates a log entry for every change; who, when, and the previous field value.

Document Library

Associate all files as attachments within the document library. You can upload key files directly to the SAM database and associate them to individual assets.
Customisable asset types SAM inventory is stored against style templates, containing a range of user-defined fields that allow you to store item-specific info.

Scheduling & Tracking

All your asset activities and deployments can be scheduled and tracked. Where an asset is due for servicing or leased to a third party, SAM records these events, together with the time that the asset is due to be returned.
External Database Integration SAM’s External Database Integration, means you can link assets to any existing OLEDB compliant data source. SAM also provides advanced synchronisation capabilities and integration with legacy systems. Features continued

Manage contacts

Manage customer information with contact database
Link contacts with companies and sites
Customer self-service portal
Manage Employees
Work order activity management
Wireless mobility
Engineering diaries

Manage Information

Graphical Scheduling and dispatch
Asset register
Time, parts, and expense tracking
Stock Control
Manager Contracts & Service Level Agreements

Management Reporting

Engineer’s Timesheet
Asset reports
Company reports
Job reporting
Contract Report

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