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Batch Numbers

Batch Number tracking

Ensuring traceability of raw materials is vital for businesses operating in the food sector. From suppliers to production stages to dispatch, it’s crucial to identify and track the batch numbers of all raw materials. Including food contact packaging.

Moreover, meat suppliers must showcase traceability of meat back to the farm of origin. However, managing this product information manually can be time-consuming and error-prone without the right solution in place.


Batch number tracking software is essential for food product identification. Furthermore, generating unique marks crucial for food retailers. Stay compliant and organised with our reliable batch tracking solution.

Batch Number Details

Batch Numbers

In the event of an audit, presenting various critical pieces of information is essential for ensuring compliance.

Furthermore, details such as the recording and generation method of each batch. The unique batch number-related information, and the batch’s storage location can all be readily accessed.

Incorporating batch numbers on the barcode label guarantees accuracy. It also enhances the convenience of accessing vital product information through a barcode scanner.



Batch Number Tracking

For effective issue resolution, it is imperative to have a comprehensive tracking and tracing system in place for manufactured products. Utilising batch-tracked components for sub-assemblies susceptible to failures during general usage ensures a targeted approach to addressing such issues.

The identification of each component’s original manufacturer is crucial for traceability. That’s why the use of batch numbers is essential, which can be alphanumeric designations assigned to products made in the same manufacturing run. Products can be efficiently traced even after they have been distributed and are being used.

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