Multi-Location Stock Control

Multi-Location Warehouse

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes and can store their stock across a wide variety of locations, this could be in various stores or warehouses, but also in a mobile workers van. In order to maintain operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, it is important for management to know exactly what the stock levels are across all of these locations. With multi-location stock control software, your decision making will take your entire stock catalogue into account and help to make the best use of your resources and coordinate stock deliveries.

Multi-location stock control software gives real-time updates on your stock levels based on activities across your locations. Sales, transfers, returns, restocks and any other changes are automatically updated giving you constant access to tangible information that can be used for planning, resource allocation, and improved service delivery.

Multi-Location Stock Features

View Real-Time Stock Levels – It is easy to view your stock levels in real-time, you can view each location and their entire stock inventory.

Stock Tracking – Using bar code or serial number technology you can easily search for stock items across your various locations.

Update Stock at Different Locations – With multi location stock control software you can receive or pick stock at any of your locations. This can speed up the decision-making process as you can decide which is the best warehouse to fulfill a specific order, or you can quickly respond to low stock levels at a particular store.

Stock Relocation or Stock Transfer – Stock can quickly be moved between different locations with the stock relocation or transfer feature. With a stock relocation the stock is immediately moved, however, with a stock transfer the stock cannot be used until it has been received. This could be the difference between moving stock from a store to a van outside the store, or from a warehouse in Doncaster to a store in Manchester.

Stock Imports – If you already have your stock levels in another stock control system or on spreadsheets you can quickly and easily upload large numbers of stock items from a .csv file.

Accounts Integration – Integrates with Sage 50 Accounts.


Accuracy – Knowing the exact stock levels across multiple location gives you an accurate understanding of the businesses operations.

Stock Analysis – With the data generated on a day to day basis,the businesses has a lot of information for analysis. It can be used for stock valuation, sales, and stock levels by location, also, you can discover seasonal or location-based trends.




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