Catering Equipment Servicing

Catering Equipment Servicing

With SAM Service Asset Manager your customers can rest assured that their Catering Equipment Servicing needs are scheduled and planned. Whether you are scheduling for business or domestic the software will ensure that you honour your contractual agreements. Using SAM your maintenance teams will benefit from real time updates available in the mobile application. Your administrator team can plan and reshuffle jobs at the touch of a button. Along with keeping track of an increasing number of service level agreements, running a successful Catering Equipment Service Business requires a lot of administration in addition to a high level of technical knowledge.

Catering Equipment Servicing

Job Scheduling

With our Catering Equipment Maintenance software, you can make job scheduling a much quicker and simpler process. With all of your job, customer and mobile engineer details in one place your administration team has everything they need at their fingertips, they can create, edit and assign jobs for your mobile engineers and when used with the SAM Mobile App there is a seamless link, all jobs are instantly sent to the app when the engineer completes a job they can take the customers digital signature and it is instantly sent back to the office.


Many businesses use subcontractors or third-party vendors in order to cover a larger geographical area and effectively increasing the number of technicians the company employs, this allows you to control costs without hiring dozens of new technicians. SAM Service Asset Manager offers subcontractor software that empowers the administrative team and allows them to manage and monitor third-party vendor activities.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Part of the job scheduling process is factoring in the PPM visits alongside the day to day service requests that both require the same level of attention. Sam Service Manager can plan your PPM schedules for the duration of each contract, schedules can be created for new or existing contracts, and when it is time for the maintenance visit, a new job is created ready to assign by the administration team.

Catering Equipment Mobile App

The Mobile App works in combination with SAM Service Management, it gives upto date information to the administration team, job activities and instant status updates are immediately available. Mobile engineers can use the Mobile App to accept and update a job’s status, this includes taking a digital signature from the customer upon completion.

Improve Communication

It’s vital that Field service companies have effective communication between the administrative team and technicians out in the field, ensuring the maintenance technicians are working efficiently and customers are kept up to date on the progress of their jobs, hence maximizing the company’s earning potential. The Sam service manager software and the mobile application offers a tool that will make communicating with your field workers easier than ever.