Facilities Management Software

Facilities management

Facilities management service providers work with multiple customers and deliver a wide range of services, from cleaning and grounds maintenance to providing security services there are a number of jobs to be completed. Facilities management software provides a number of solutions for facilities management providers to work smarter with real-time job information and automated processes, it helps to be more productive while saving time and resources.

Job Scheduling Software

Facilities management software provides an overview of all jobs, customers’ and assets in one place, offices can go paperless with accurate information that helps with planning, analysis, and forecasting. Mobile workers daily activities can be tracked as they provide ongoing job updates through the SAM Mobile App; customer’s assets are monitored with warranty dates stored and automatic job creation when they require pre-planned maintenance; customer contracts can be stored and reminders sent when they are ready for renewal, and customers can log their own jobs through the customer portal.

Use facilities management software to streamline the job scheduling process, with all of your jobs, customer and mobile worker details in one place you can create, edit and assign jobs while receiving instant job updates through the SAM Mobile App. Jobs can be converted into PDF and sent to your customers via email, also automatic email notifications can be sent updating the administration team or the customer of the job’s progress. Job scheduling software enables busy offices to go paperless while saving time and resources, this improves productivity and efficiencies.

Facilities Management

Asset Management Software

The asset directory gives the administration team instant access to their entire asset portfolio across multiple locations with a full-service history covering the lifespan of the contract. Asset warranty dates and upcoming service visits can be monitored with facilities management software, with email notifications sent as reminders for upcoming jobs. Your team will have instant access to accurate information to help with planning the service schedule, analyzing performance and financial forecasting.

Service Level Agreement Software

With hundreds or thousands of contracts to keep a track of facilities, management teams can use a lot of time and space with paperwork or spreadsheets. Service level agreement software is there to manage and automate this process, you can create new agreements across a specific time period and add or remove assets when required. You have a centralised directory of your service level agreements that can instantly be converted to PDF if a hard copy is required, customer invoices are easily created and can be automatically generated at your preferred frequency.

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Software

One of the reasons facilities management companies make service level agreements is to agree on planned preventative maintenance (PPM) schedules. With facilities management software these schedules can be automated with the entire maintenance schedule created, and email notifications sent as the job status changes. When it’s time for the planned maintenance visit a new job is automatically created, ready and waiting to be assigned by the administration team.

Customer Portal

Your customers will appreciate ongoing real-time job information and the ability to create and edit their own jobs. When they log jobs through the customer portal it reduces the workload for the administration team who can monitor all job activity from the jobs module. The customer portal is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week allowing your customers the convenience of making their service requests at their leisure.