Plumbing and Heating Software


Like other trade professions, plumbing and heating companies are suffering from a skills shortage in the UK. This makes qualified plumbing and heating engineers a valuable commodity, while plumbing and heating service providers are busy operations with an ever-increasing workload. With less plumbing and heating engineers available it means that plumbing and heating service providers need to be efficient and effective with their time, jobs need to be completed in one visit and time spent traveling to and from the office could be better used servicing customers.

Plumbing and heating software helps to manage several aspects of daily operations from quotations, to communicating with customers, to invoicing a completed job. It enables the administration team to go paperless while tracking more assets and managing more maintenance contracts. There’s no need for complex systems of spreadsheets for job scheduling or recording information, as all customer, supplier, asset and job information is centralised in one place. The SAM Mobile App eliminates any requirement for job sheets and constantly informs the administration team of a job’s status, mobile workers can save the business time and money by not having to travel to and from the office delivering paperwork.

Improved Customer Communication

Your administration team will be able to quickly access customer information with a detailed history of their interactions with the company, it includes customer locations, contacts, discounts, purchases and you can attach documents if necessary. You can send your customers automated email notifications about their jobs and they will be updated every time the job status changes (e.g. job assigned, traveling to a job, job completed, etc…), this keeps your customers in the loop without any extra effort from the administration team. A customer portal gives your customers permanent 24-hour access to their job information while they can create new jobs and update job information at their own leisure.

Instant Invoicing

The entire sales process is made easier with plumbing and heating software. New quotations are easily created in seconds and the quotation can be saved until the customer is ready to make the order, when the customer is ready the quotation can again be quickly converted into a sales order and then into an invoice. There is a similar process for purchasing and all of these transactions are automatically synchronised with your accounts software, this reduces the chance for any errors as there is no duplication of information.

Asset Management

If you have maintenance agreements with your customers these can be managed with plumbing and heating software. You will have a centralised database that contains all of your customer agreements with automatic email notifications to let you know when the contract is up for renewal, alongside the contracts you can access all of your customers’ assets along with their service histories, and you can add notes and attach important documents if required. Your plumbing and heating software will plan your preventative maintenance schedules and automatically create a job to be assigned at the time of the scheduled maintenance visit.