Service Management

Service Management

Improve Customer Service with SAM Service Management Software

SAM Service Management Software is a unique application for managing day-to-day jobs and service requests.

It simplifies and automates every aspect of your service department, giving a greater insight into your business.

The software helps to improve your company's efficiency and reduces operating costs.

The suite of SAM Service Management Software modules enables your engineers, technicians and administrators to resolve customer issues in a minimal amount of time, removing end-user frustration.

Customer Management

The SAM Customer module ensures that you get a holistic view of your customers not dissimilar to a CRM, it helps you to understand, anticipate and respond to customers' needs in a quick and professional manner which improves organisational discipline, builds customer loyalty and ensures your business generate more income.

Moreover, the SAM Customer Management Module helps to automate your business processes and integrate every client-facing department with the service team, this results in customer satisfaction, long-term relationships and increased sales.


Service Agreements

The Service Agreements module, ensures that you can manage your service contracts professionally. Each service contract can include unlimited associated sub-contracts and each of them may consist of unlimited supported products.

Service sub-contracts have a start and end dates and they are colour coded. For example, red is for expired contracts, yellow- for contracts expiring in the next 30 days, and green- for active contracts.

The list of service contracts may be sorted by clicking on any column title that has the icon besides it. Contracts are initially sorted by the account name.

Navigation shortcuts allows for the creation of new service contracts and list the contract types that includes a name, customer, description, and a response time. Examples are Network (LAN) Support Contracts, a 24/7 Server Support Contract, a 9-5 Desktop Support Contract, etc.

Note that the scheduler can set automated reminders of service contracts that are coming up for their renewal dates.

Some organisations allow their clients to make prepayments. The Service Agreements module allows you to add prepaid amounts to a service sub-contract. See the figure below that shows a prepaid amount that has been added to the sub-contract by the click on the apply credit button.

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Parts and Purchasing

Once a job has been recorded, the pricing tab shows all the engineering charges and parts for the job. There is also a parts tab that allows you to add stock parts.

The system ensures that all parts or materials related to the job can be added in real time, which shows at a glance the job profitability.

SAM CRM overview

The Purchasing module enables you to successfully manage a broad array of vendor and inventory information including purchases, balances, reordering, and much more. This module streamlines the procurement of required components for jobs and you can add them as unassigned assets.

Benefits and features of the Purchasing module

♦ Create, print and email purchase orders;
♦ Generates recurring purchase orders, drop-ship orders, and special bids/quotes;
♦ Print receiving documents when creating purchase orders;
♦ Record unlimited notes and memos;
♦ Get to know if a vendor's balance exceeds available credit;
♦ Easily cancel open quantities after a receipt is entered;
♦ Add new vendors and inventory items during purchase order entry;
♦ Create a return Order when necessary and apply it to the original purchase order;
♦ Fax or send purchase orders by e-mail (Message Master option);
♦ Track groups of items by the lot numbers;
♦ Supports inventory tracking of individual items according to serial number;
♦ Provides schedules for material receipts;
♦ Receive partial drop shipment purchase orders;
Inventory balances are updated in real time;
♦ Receive purchase orders by item;

Service Asset Management and Jobs Planning

Job Management

The SAM Service Management jobs module, keeps a list of all jobs entered onto the system, once a job has been setup, details of that job appears in the jobs scheduler against specific engineers.

The jobs overview screen uses the traffic light system in order to indicate the status of a job, red for new jobs that are awaiting attention, amber for jobs that are in progress and green for completed jobs.

When jobs are updated the pricing tab shows all the engineering charges and parts for the job. There is also a parts tab which allows for adding stock parts as well as van stock onto a job, the system ensures that all parts or materials that are used on a job can be added and costed as the job progresses. An invoice or job sheet can be produced at the press of a button.

Sales Order Processing

You can easily create a Sales invoice by the press of the button. It happens by converting the job costs (sales order). The Sales Order can be modified and updated before being saved into the system or posted into your  accounts programme.

Other Features and benefits of SAM Service Management

♦ All your asset activities and deployments can be scheduled and tracked. If an asset is due for servicing or leased to a third-party, SAM records it, including the time of the issue;
♦ SAM records every change, including the name of the person, time and previous field value;
♦ Control your service personnel and track the time spent on jobs;
♦ Upload files directly to the database (Document Library); ♦ Manage Sub-contractors;
♦ Keep track of engineering department expenditure;
♦ Manage Jobs and Bookings;
♦ Plan Maintenance Tasks;
♦ Manage Service Contracts;
♦ Schedule Engineers and Technicians;
Never miss another service visit or breach an SLA agreement
Batch process invoices to sage 50 Accounts
♦ Allocate resources to the right user/department;
♦ Schedule appointments directly into each field worker’s mobile device;
♦ Minimise travel time by optimising the route to and from each job;

SAM Service Management Creating Invoices

Reschedule jobs when necessary;
♦ Automatically send appointment notifications to customers (via letter, SMS text or email);
♦ Highlight revenue opportunities;
♦ If the job overruns or cost’s escalates, you are informed about it immediately;
♦ Set and closely monitor budgets for your jobs and projects;
♦ Keep track of finance details;
♦ Record jobs by classification;
♦ Choose when and how to invoice your customers;
Analyse job progress at any time.

SAM Service Management Software perfectly dovetails with your existing business systems and processes. Moreover, it is simple, intuitive and easy to use.

We work closely with our customers to make sure that their new software is appropriate for the specific business and all the needs are fully met.
After installation our talented and dedicated staff provides fast and responsive help desk support to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied.

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