Sam Software SolutionsJan 16 · 4 min read

Using service management software in the workplace enables your office team to work more quickly and efficiently, it helps to save time and eliminates the need for your engineers to travel back and forth from the office to deliver job sheets and paperwork.

It is natural for service businesses to use a paper-based system as they focus on delivering on their clients’ needs, however, as you progress (and the workload increases) a technology-based system is the most cost-effective solution for your business to grow while improving productivity.

“Manage your businesses growth with a technology-based system that centralizes all your customer contacts, scheduling and job management”

If you don’t have an effective technology-based job management system, how do you track everything that happens over a day, week, month or year? It benefits all members of the team to have a good understanding of the day-to-day operations of the business, admin staff will have accurate knowledge of what it takes for mobile workers to complete their tasks. Operating without this kind of system can have a detrimental effect on customer service and your business’s profits.

A purpose-built job management system allows for more transparency and removes the need for the majority of the paperwork that is used on a day-to-day basis. This saves you time and space as all documents and forms are saved electronically and can be accessed by the appropriate team member when needed. Also, you have an accurate record of your mobile workers’ movements that can be reproduced on request for management and clients.

You can reduce the use of paper by using spreadsheets, however, why not save yourself hours of time filling in data when all of this can be programmed into your job management system? Erase the chance of miscommunication between your mobile workers and the administration team by using a mobile app that seamlessly links with your job management system.

“It is possible to operate without an effective job management system”

Many businesses do operate without a technology-based job management system, but it is hard for them to achieve the kind of growth they desire if they don’t have one. Using documents and forms is becoming obsolete as progressive businesses are using all methods available to boost growth and reduce their teams’ workload.

In order to run efficiently and smoothly, you need a system in place that tracks your mobile workers, assets, and parts, that ensure that billing is accurate and your profits are measurable. With the extra time that is created by running more efficiently your business is able to focus on winning new business and improving the quality of service.

“Save time and boost productivity”

Job scheduling is very time consuming and repetitive, this increases the chances for error when handling large quantities of data. There is no need to use outdated systems that don’t bring all of your business functions together in one place.

Your business needs a simple system that helps you to easily manage all of your jobs. The administration team will operate better in a stressfree environment with less moving parts, this also applies to your mobile workers who will appreciate not having to transport job sheets and forms in addition to providing a high-quality service.

Here are some of the benefits of using our service management software:

  • Eliminate the use of paper in the office
  • More efficient than spreadsheets
  • Job scheduling, drop and drag bookings diary, asset tracking, and assigning can be completed in one place.
  • Monitor multiple locations
  • Fully integrates with other systems and processes, including accounting software
  • Perfect for employee and subcontractor management and rostering
  • Real-time visibility is available for field and office staff.
  • Capable of being customized to your processes and procedures.

A job management system is vital for any service business with administration and mobile workers, using the available technology makes everybody’s job easier and removes the chances of human error. Having all of your customers, suppliers, and stock under one roof alongside your mobile workers’ tasks and jobs will enable your business to thrive while you benefit from these competitive advantages in a competitive market.

Now is the perfect time to take a look at how your business is operating and how you can be more productive, going paperless and using digital tools will help your business to reduce administration staff workload and give them the opportunity to focus on activities that lead to growth.